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Undue Influence
Strong enough persuasion to completely overpower the free will of another and prevent him or her from performing intelligently and voluntary.

Unfinished Office Space
Space in a “shell” condition excluding dividing walls, ceiling, lighting, air-conditioning, floor covering and the like. In leasing raw office space, the landlord often provides the building with standard items and/or a construction allowance.

Usable Area
On a multi-tenancy floor, the gross area minus core space. Core space includes the square footage used for public corridors, stairwells, washrooms, elevators, electrical and janitorial closets, and fan rooms. On a single-tenant floor, the usable area is the gross square footage excluding building lobby and all penetrating shafts (i.e. ducts, stairwells and elevators).

Usable Square Feet
Rentable Square Footage less the loss factor. (i.e., core and common area)