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Direct Lease
A lease drawn directly between the tenant and the owner of the property.

Direct Operating Cost Escalation
A type of escalation where the landlord simply passes on to the tenant the actual increases in operating costs.

Direct Operating Costs
The expenses incurred in the operation of an office building, such as utilities, cleaning, supplies, insurance and maintenance.

Directly Metered Electric
The method by which the tenant pays the utility company directly.

Dry Bulb
Thermometer instrument that measures the amount of heat in the air by the expansion of a liquid in a graduated glass tube with a reservoir bulb at one end, and by use of a bimetallic strip which moves the indicator on a scale when heat causes the two metals to expand at different rates on the other end. Normally used for outdoor temperatures.

Due Diligence
A fair, proper and due degree of care and activity. An expressed or implied condition in certain real estate contracts stating that a person use good-faith efforts to perform obligations under a contract.