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Preliminary architectural drawings and sketches often prepared at the planning stages of development; basic layouts not containing the final details of design.

Security Deposit
Moneys or other consideration (e.g., letter of credit) given to a landlord from a tenant as security for performance of the tenant's obligations under the lease agreement.

Self-help Clause
A lease provision which permits the tenant to remedy the landlord's failure to meet obligations by purchasing the needed services and deducting the cost from the rent.

Side Core Configuration
A building structure where the core containing elevator banks, emergency staircases, plumbing, electricity, and HVAC are located on one side of the building allowing for an open area in the middle of the floor and perhaps three sides for windowed offices.

Signs placed on the inside or outside of a building to advertise one's company.

A flat, horizontal reinforced concrete area, typically the interior floor of a building but also an exterior or roof area.

Soft Costs
Costs paid to professionals for services to improve a premises.

Space Planner
Concrete Stories' tool that calculates your total office area based on your selection of offices, cubicles, conference rooms, reception areas, and other applicable areas, and taking into account all add on factors.

Space Study
See schematics

Sub-Metered Electric
The method by which the tenant pays the landlord for all utility charges. This includes a markup for administration.

Sub-Ordination Clause
A clause in which the holder of a mortgagee permits a subsequent mortgagee to take priority.

An agent of a person who is already acting as an agent for a principal. The original agent can delegate authority to a subagent where such designation is either expressly authorized or customary in the trade.

A builder or contractor who enters into an agreement with a developer or the prime contractor to execute a special portion of the construction work, such as electrical, plumbing, air-conditioning installations, carpentry or cabinetwork.

A lease drawn between a tenant and a subtenant. This is another method of transferring tenants rights under which the tenant's obligations to the landlord are not released.

The act or process by which a person’s rights or claims are ranked after those of others; e.g. a second mortgagee’s rights are subordinate to those of the first mortgagee.

Additional rent charged to tenants who consume utility services (gas, water, electric) in excess of the amounts permitted in the terms of the lease.