Lease Consultant -- The Process

Because the leasing process can be intimidating, we have come up with a method to make it simpler. This advice section offers insight for what lies ahead in your leasing process, and where applicable, what you can expect by engaging Concrete Stories commercial real estate advisory services.

Develop a Timeline

It is essential to develop a comprehensive timeline. The timeline should start with the determination of your requirements and, at minimum, end with the move-in date. It is very important to start your search early, set realistic goals from the outset, and acknowledge that every step takes time. We recommend starting your leasing process a year before your current lease expires.

An effective timeline allows you enough time for negotiating. Simply stated, insufficient time weakens your negotiating position.

Assemble Your Team

On average, tenants enter the leasing process once every five to ten years. Your first order of business is to assemble a team of skilled and experienced people who do this everyday. It will save you and your staff much time and money. This team generally includes a real estate advisor, interior designer and/or architect and real estate attorney early in the process, and contractors and movers towards closing.

A successful team will navigate through this process with you, considering your needs throughout. We will help you create this team.

Analyze Your Needs

It is imperative to define your present and future needs in terms of location, physical premises, cost and lease requirements with the cooperation of your team. It is much more efficient to select potential spaces having thought through your future needs and with the advice of the team.

We know this is not an easy task and have included a variety of tools to assist you in the process. Our space planner and lease calculator will prove to be excellent resources in determining these needs.

Search for Space

Searching for space is best done with guidance. An advisor will carefully assess your explicit and implicit needs within the boundaries of the market.

Our search page offers a tool with which to gain familiarity of the market. Gauge your requirements against the listings information, and feel free to call us to answer any questions.

Tour Space

Relevant, efficient and productive space tours are critical, value-added services you should ensure you receive. Your advisor is your link to the marketplace and should provide you with opportunities to optimize your business plan - not just meet your space requirements.

Negotiate Your Lease / Close the Deal

Your advisor will analyze the market and inform you of comparable rent prices for the spaces you are interested in negotiating. This market rent analysis will enlighten you to what other companies are paying for space - not necessarily landlordís asking price. With this information in hand, you are ready to start negotiations.

Concrete Stories has created a construct for lease negotiations that attempts to ease what traditionally can be a difficult part of the process of leasing space. The result, is not only more user-friendly, but also incorporates elements that save time and money. Our real estate advisors will be available to ensure that all the players involved effectively manage the lease documents.

You will also have a seasoned senior advisor by your side during the entire negotiation process. Your advisor will work with you and your real estate attorney through every step of the lease negotiations.

For more information on negotiations, see Negotiation Tips.

Arrange for Services

During the leasing process, there are many service providers to coordinate to ensure that your new space is in move-in condition. For example, engineers and contractors need to be hired, furniture needs to be ordered, telecommunication lines need to be installed and movers need to be reserved.

The work continues after the lease is signed, and we will continue to assist you.

Here is a short list for your consideration:

  • Architects
  • Attorneys
  • Contractors
  • Electricians
  • Engineers
  • Financing
  • Furniture
  • Insurance
  • Interior designers / space planners
  • Movers
  • Plumbers
  • Painters
  • Telecommunication & Wiring